Bikini Cleanse [Infographic]

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Protect your brand with brand protection data feeds from ThreatWave [Infographic]

Brands get abused daily – ThreatWave’s Brand Protection data feeds are used by national and global brands to identify malware, phishing attempts, spoofing, and other exploits. ThreatWave provides real-time brand protection data feeds, giving the whole picture of how your brand is being used in email – importantly looking beyond your own domains to find abuse in cousin domains and unrelated domains who take advantage of your brand’s integrity for their own benefit.

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Lucrative accountant jobs in Mumbai

The profile of the accountant or the accountant jobs in Mumbai is the job of measurement, processing and communication of financial information.  The word accounting, this can be also called as the ‘Language of businesses. It is the result of organization economic activities. There are experts of the accounting in the market who have to handle the accounting job only. This job requires a deep knowledge of accounting. It is not a job of play and enjoy.  It is a job which is full of so many of the responsibilities and need a lot of care and attention also. If the work is done without care and attention, then there are so many possibilities of the mistakes which can have a negative effect.  By negative effect the position and reputation of the company will have to suffer a lot. It may face a lot of loss also if the accounting work has not been done in a careful manner. The persons who are experts in the accounting are known as accountants. Accountant jobs in Mumbai are in every field because the financial sector is required in all types of organization such as banks, school offices, large scale companies, small scale companies and so on.

Accounting can be further broken into several fields such as:

  • Financial accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Auditing
  • Management accounting

The term financial accounting focuses on the reporting of financial information of the organization.

Management accounting focuses on measurement, analysis and reporting.

Auditing is the systematic and independent examination of data.

Tax accounting refers to the preparation of the tax and accounts of the organization.

Accounting is the term which is related to the system of setting up, maintaining and auditing the financial status of the organization or the firm. It may be related to any firm, an enterprise or may be a heavy organization. Accountants and auditors ensure that firms are running efficiently. They provide them valuable financial information and accurate record keeping.

Now-a-days there are so many of the accounting software which are available in the markets. It can be easily purchased out and anyone can work on it. But most of the companies hire an accountant to do the work and offers a good salary to the accountant for the work. It is a job of responsibility because it relates to the finance sector. The finance sector is the most important part of the any organization. Finance is the basic need of any company and the matters which are handled by accountant are to be very neat and clear. There should be no possibilities of the errors of the accounting work.

The company should always hire a professional accountant who can easily handle the work of the accounts in a good manner. An accountant evaluates financial statements which are related to the company’s financial sector.

Any company should always hire a professional accountant for his work because a normal person cannot handle the work of the accounts and finance. It can only be handled by only professionals and the experts of the accounts. The work of the accounts cannot be easily handled by anyone so any company needs a good accountant and professionals for their work. The company also needs an honest person who is liable and can handle the work in an efficient manner.

The accountant jobs in Mumbai which is related to the finance sector need a lot of attention. There are so many of the centers who give training for the accounting jobs. They give certificates also for the work and trained the people how to manage accounts and the finance of the company and the organization. There are many of the requirements of the accountants in Mumbai city because the city has large scale companies in a bulk. All the companies require professional accountants to handle their accounts and all the work which is related to the account section. The main thing is that the accountant should have a lot of accuracy and efficiency to complete his work. He should complete his work on time. Time is the most important thing for any sector, whether it is government or private sector. Especially in the private sector the owners always prefer the work of the person or the employee who is efficient and delivers the works on time.

What’s General Contracting?

Contractors employ and control while performing because the primary contact with design customers, subcontractors. They also employ authorities to attend to heating, plumbing and airconditioning, painting or roofing areas of a task. Worth Construction Examine this informative article to find out more on which basic contracting is and work involved in this profession’s sort. Universities offering Construction Administration levels can also be found in these choices.

Common contracting may be the expression used-to describe the supervisory work performed by way of a general company (GC). Worth Construction  This individual is in charge of creating and managing a project created by someone else. The GC manages building projects and crucial redevelopment, and he or she or he manages and employs subcontractors as well as other job in development projects. The GC functions while the supervisor of the complete project and helps to ensure that their occupation is being done by the subcontractors and being paid-for it correctly and in a reasonable fashion. The general contractor can be the principle person in touch with the clients.

General Contracting inside the Construction Industry

Contractors manage each of numerous building jobs, such as professional, professional and residential complexes or element. In case a building project requires a specialty, such as plumbing, heat and airconditioning, artwork or roofing, then they hire subcontractors to achieve that certain career.

Licensing Requirements in General Contracting’’

Some states involve contractors to be licensed in order to work with tasks. Each state has various specifications. their abilities are improved by contractors using a license with recent understanding in operation methods, legislation demands and building preservation. Registered general contractors can be more desirable to customers because they exhibit training and reliability. The Associated Contractors of America (AGC) delivers accreditation info on all states and the vital demands for receiving a certificate, if desired ( The AGC also supplies additional education and professional improvement programs for general contractors through its distance education programs. Worth Construction recommends that their permits are renewed by contractors one or more times annually.

Tips for successful online dating

Everyone would love the ability to attract the right partner in their lives. More often than not, we fall short of achieving this success due to lack of skills. An online dating expert might provide us with a few effective tips in this regard. The primary objective of consulting an online dating expert is to overcome the dating challenges and leave an impression on someone who seems special.

Achieving success in online dating is one of the hottest topics being currently discussed across dating forums, and the expert tips really helps you to deal with relationship issues. This is the reason why so many singles are joining dating communities in the pursuit of their ideal partners.

A few important tips for successful online dating are as follows –

1) Share your intentions
Prior to starting online dating, you must decide on what you’re expecting out of it. Online dating may provide you with varying experiences. While some of the other members might choose to have a long-term relationship, the rest may simply wish to have fun on a short-term basis. It will help you decide on the type of sites that you wish to join. You’ll soon find out if you’d like to follow a match-making system or try things out on your own if you are aware of your intentions.

2) Create a unique profile

You must present a different profile to the others in your community. To make things appear interesting to the user, you’ll need to keep it short. Present an honest description under an attractive username. This will help in lessening grammatical errors and spelling mistakes besides boosting your confidence level. Your friends may even provide you with a few good ideas.

3) Be honest
When it comes to online dating, you must take an honest approach. You may feel like telling white lies initially, but you’ll be caught up in trouble as you proceed with a relationship. You won’t project yourself to be awkward or disloyal if you remain transparent right from the beginning. This will even help you build a trust worthy relationship if you wish to strengthen your bond with someone. Be it your telephonic conversations, emails, profile or photos, it becomes easier to relate to things.

4) Speak intelligently and positively

People who spread negative energy are likely to be discarded. A majority of the people that you meet online will like to exchange positive dialogues. Don’t share issues that remained unresolved for a long time, your grudges and regular complaints. Again, you must not share much of your negative experiences with old flames. You must remain honest, but you must also show that you take an optimistic approach towards regular challenges and that you’re quite confident.

5) Know more about a friend before you see him in person

Dating may cause you to leap from the frying pan to fire. You must know a few things about your dating partner before you actually see him. Get prepared at heart regardless of whether you’re searching for casual or serious dating opportunities. In case you wish to push things over to the other person, he is likely to move away; people don’t like desperate moves. Prior to going on your first date, you must talk to them over the phone. Such phone calls should only come after you’ve interacted via emails and text messages over the internet. You must prove it to them that you have a life of your own and that you aren’t going to be compelled into a relationship.

A number of websites like may show you through the dating experiences of other individuals. You’ll gain a lot from these free dating tips.

Simultaneous translation – a challenge for a translator

Simultaneous translation is nowadays rather demanded service in the sphere of work with foreign languages. It presents an activity when the interlocutor or speaker does not make pauses in his speech so the interpreter has to translate it right «on the fly», which makes his task incredibly hard and challenging. Simultaneous translation is considered the highest level of translations because it is the hardest one and requires from interpreter good skills of listening, understanding, translating and speaking and doing it all at once.


The interpreter needs also to be skilled to forecast what the person is going to say and for this purpose it is quite advisable to know the sphere of your work beforehand. One of the most demanding types of interpretation is precisely the simultaneous translation. In fact, simultaneous translation is required for events with a large number of participants in it (conferences, forums, workshops, seminars, presentations and so on).

The essential feature of this way of translation is to equip the hall where the event is planned to be with special equipment. With such system there is not necessary to make pauses for translation during the speech (as in case of consecutive translation). Instantaneous, which means synchronous or simultaneous, the translation allows you to work online, to perceive more information and conduct lively discussions.


As a fact, simultaneous translation is usually being done by a couple of interpreters who work changing each other every twenty or thirty minutes. This is related to the fact that during the process of translation the interpreter is subjected to large mental stress (listening carefully, understanding, translating and speaking), that after ten-fifteen minutes he gets very tired so that he can not keep performing his job.


If you are a successful businessman who works in the sphere of foreign languages or just have constant contacts with your international partners, you probably should know how exhausting the work is and how difficult it is to find a good performer to do this job perfectly. Many employers every day face the difficulties of finding well-educated and good-skilled person to work with for a long period of time. But if you find them, you might be confident in success of your business meeting. For example, you can find such specialists on website for lingualancers 2Polyglot which is specialized in only high-experienced professionals. This service is used by many professional translators and employers and helps them to find each other. According to comments, it has never let anyone down.


The advantages of simultaneous translation are usually the follows: the speaker can talk without interruption. This allows the presenter to hold the audience’s attention, to feel the mood and reaction of the audience to his words. Also the time of the event is in general reduced like twice compared with using the consecutive translation. Possibility of translation into a few languages ​​simultaneously is an extra plus.

Despite of many pros, simultaneous translation has its disadvantages: the cost of interpretation is usually higher than in case with consecutive translation due to higher rates of interpreters and the need to pay the cost of renting special equipment. The requirement to involve at least two or three interpreters, equally fluent themed event also requires some efforts and extra money. Simultaneous translation is also characterized by a significantly higher level of information loss and lower level of its assimilation.


So if you are in need of simultaneous interpreter, carefully check their characteristics before accepting his services. If you do not want to spend time on long search of a suitable candidate, use the services of, which will make your job easier and effective.

Take advantage of Discount Gift Cards thru

We all know that gift cards are awesome, let’s admit, there are some folks out there that no matter how much you try to please them to buy things you think they might like, only to be disappointed.  So we all know that gift cards are great, they make a great gift to give to people to buy what they really want in the first place sans you running all over the place trying to buy the perfect gift.

Come discover the art of how to buy gift cards for less than their face value and save money on your everyday expenses like groceries, home improvement, movie tickets, gas, hotels, travel and much more. You can easily compare discount gift card prices for over 950 retail brands and save up to 60% off.

If you get a gift card yourself, you can also sell unwanted gift cards for cash.  It’s nice to be able to turn gift cards into cash so you can use it to pay your bills or other things you need to take care off.

The most important thing is to understand that not only does using gift cards help you eliminate hassles and headaches when trying to shop for birthday, anniversaries, baby gifts or wedding presents and so on, but also you can utilize them almost like cash to purchase a plethora of other items.


Get featured in ‘Restaurants near me’ and get noticed!

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This free directory featuring top restaurants in the city is where a business looking for a quick jumpstart can find what it needs.

People who frequent restaurants do their homework when it comes to choosing a restaurant. As the choice present today is limitless and there is no real way of finding about the restaurants close by, people ultimately turn to directories to browse their options and take a pick.

Listing one’s business on a directory such as the is therefore, the quickest and the most cost effective way to get noticed and get registered in the mind of the customer. This risk free business opportunity is a must try more so for a restaurant business that is waiting for an instant boost.

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Five (real-world) steps to becoming a successful freelancer

There is a lot of stuff out there about freelancing. And, to be honest, most of it is nonsense. Empty words, fairy tales, and nothing useful. For example, one of the ‘five tips’ I’ve read recently was: ‘Get started’. Really?!!

If we talk about popular services like,, and others, we notice some common rules. Now, it’s not that I have like 300 projects done as a freelancer. As a matter of fact, I’m still a beginner myself. And, the first question that comes to our mind when beginning as freelancers is, how to make a client choose me, among the tens of others? Yeah, yeah, you can be the best in the world in what you do, but if you are just starting online, no one will know that. In fact, no one will care.

So, what is it about then? Well, think about it, what is it that every client wants (no matter if he deserved it or not) when he posts a project? Two things:

  1. Experienced and qualified freelancer
  2. The lowest possible price

As for the #1, the only proof you can have that you are a good freelancer is your reputation, meaning, your reviews. Now, you are a beginner, you don’t have any reviews. Of course, you can fake some, with the help of your friends (although, my experience shows that none of them will bother), but that probably won’t be enough. One or two good reviews are still not enough. So, number 1 is out…

Now, the number 2. It’s obvious that clients want to get as low price as possible, even from the experienced freelancers. But from you? No, they don’t want low price. They don’t even want the lowest price in the world. The want – watch out – free service!! Yes, you read it well. Now, I know that it hurts. What, you don’t wanna work for free? Then you can stop reading this article.

For you who stick with me, here’s one more painful fact. Most of the time, you won’t get a gig, not even the free one! That’s right! Anybody still reading this? Alright, listen you two, carefully.

How it’s done? You don’t just make an account, choose a job carefully, for two hours, bid on one of them, wait for three days, and when you don’t get an answer, call it impossible and quit. No.

You get up early in the morning, as every hard worker does, getting ready to work your day shift. You make a coffee, sit on your comfy chair, turn on the computer, make an account on the freelance portal of your choice,  make a list of your skills, filter the jobs against that list, and:

  1. You bid, you bid, and you bid! Every time you do it as if are going to get that job. Although, you are pretty sure you won’t. Read the job description, give it some thoughts and write an original proposal. And, KEEP YOUR DIGNITY! Do not beg! Do not be desperate, crying out for job, and don’t SHOUT that you will do it for free. That is your ace in the hole, so play it with elegance. Mention it as a possibility, not as your duty or necessity. You are not owing anything to anyone. You done? Good, now that you got rejected, do it again. And again, and again! Until one person comes to help – Mr. Probability Theory. Now, this is not a math lesson, but you just have to remember, one of those tries will work!
  2. Employers choose freelancers, but you have to choose your employers as well. Remember, client is not your boss, and you are not a slave. So, when you get in touch with your first client, calm down, and have a good chat with him. Here is one more sad truth. Most of them are jerks. And don’t listen to those ‘customer is always right’ idiots! If someone doesn’t even say ‘Hello’, leave it.
  3. What was the most surprising to me in the world of freelancing is the fact that the most useful and most valuable skill you can have is – communication. If you mix that with honesty, you get to look reliable and professional. You don’t have to be the best expert to get the job, but you have to be professional and polite. And, doing that way, client is going to get back for more. Although, you might come to a conclusion that most of them don’t care about your communication. That’s true. What’s even more true is that you don’t want to work with that kind of clients!
  4. Practical advice: offer to do a job without client officially awarding you the project immediately. Say that it’s for their protection and your sign of good will. But, the reality is, that way you are protecting yourself. Through work and communication with the client, you will find out if you can go to the end or not. If it turns out that the client is bad, you are ok, you won’t get your reputation damaged (or start with a negative one). Otherwise, when you do your job, send just a sample of it to your client. If they like it, then you can ask for awarding.
  5. If you have a room to improve your skills, don’t waste your time. Especially if your area is web development. If you chose to work as a freelancer, odds are you are doing what you like. Therefore, no reason to not see it as fun. There are a lot of resources for learning (TutsPlus is my favorite). So, install some browser extension for auto page refreshing, make it reload your job list page every 5-10 minutes and get yourself busy while occasionally watching for new opportunities. Bid and learn.

Freelancing has a lot of advantages, as you probably know. And, while it’s getting harder to make a breakthrough, and I hear a lot of complaining about rates going down these days (mostly because of the growing competition) the rule of thumb is that true experts make it at the end. A lot of effort and patience is required, much more than a couple of years ago, but in the end it will pay off.